On June 5th, Jeff Bearden visited Crowley, Texas and took part as an invited and promoted speaker for the second annual IHWE Anti-Bullying Rally. Jeff brought with him 25 years of experience of being in front of thousands of spectators, due to his background in pro wrestling. Jeff has travelled around the world as a featured attraction, and, during that time, he has learned all kinds of facts about people, cultures, and life. Jeff was a great speaker for many different reasons. I believe the biggest one, both literally and figuratively, is his physical stature. Jeff, standing at seven feet tall and 350 pounds, shows the individuals that he is speaking to that even the biggest human beings feel the same emotions as everyone else. Jeff also speaks intelligently. I believe everyone, no matter what background or belief, would be engaged by Jeff, no matter what the topic of his speech. I’ve known Jeff for many years, He has that intangible that so many artists have, to capture the minds of everyone in the room he is in. He walks into a room, and everyone pays attention, which is something that can’t be taught or bought. You either have it or you don’t, and Jeff has it. He has the experience of performing and has worked with athletes, actors, and TV personalities. He has taken away something from all of his years in traveling and meeting people. I highly recommend booking Mr. Bearden to speak, especially on the topic of bullying and teen issues. Bullying is a lifelong epidemic that isn’t prejudiced. It occurs every hour of every day, all over the world. Very rarely do people get to meet an individual like Jeff. Jeff is what kids read about in storybooks, he’s a giant! I believe children and adults alike would respond to Jeff in a very positive and meaningful way. I can’t wait for him to come back down in the near future and speak again for us. Jeff was inducted into the Southern Wrestling Hall of Fame on June 7th, 2015—he will be talked about for an eternity. I can’t say enough about this one-of-a-kind human being.

David Farmer

Founder, IHWE Pro Wrestling

Jeff gave the commencement speech at our alternative high school in Eastern Kentucky. We have a wonderful student body, but many of our students come to us having faced significant adversity throughout their lives. Jeff, not only gave a message that resonated with our students, but had several of them totally enthralled because his struggles were something they all could relate to. Jeff is down to earth, flexible with the schedule, and wonderful to work with. He is open, honest, and our students appreciated his candor, openness, and willingness to spend time talking with them before and after the actual event.

Our air conditioning went out the week of graduation…so the room where the event was held was around 90 degrees. He still showed up in a three piece suit and stayed long after it ended to talk with students and staff. We are very pleased our decision to hire Jeff and would have him back again and again.

Rebecca Bodish

Principal of the David School, David, Kentucky, The David School, David, Kentucky

Jeff Bearden  is a big guy with a big and powerful message,  proving that size really matters when it comes to your message.  He’s friendly, professional, and gives you a new perspective on things you have never realized, which causes you to think differently  and see things that you may have not seen before, and that’s what success is about: creative thinking

Marvelless Mark Kamp

The Business Rock Star