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How to Make Jeff Happen on a Budget

  1. Jeff loves to speak, so share him with other schools and groups while he is in the area. His second event fee drops dramatically, which makes it easier for two or more organizations to spread the overall cost between them. This can also be done with travel expenses, if multiple days are desired and Jeff is available. Have other interested parties go to his website or contact me, at
  2. Look into additional funds available through the student council, athletic department, or other departments within the school. Jeff can do a “Fireside Chat” with faculty to aid in the awareness of teen issues, and this can be done through many staff development funds in most school districts.
  3. Often, federal grants can be obtained during specific awareness weeks and months to bring in a speaker to help educate the students. October is a busy month for all anti-bullying speakers and organizations can often get grants to help raise awareness for bullying during this month. There are special awareness times for drug and alcohol-related issues, teenage suicide, and many others. The website for the Department of Education,, helps provide information about what grants are available and how to apply for the. Many of these types of grants are available on a State level, too.
  4. Speak with other parent groups, civic groups, or school groups. Groups such as Rotary International, Lions Club, Kiwanis, Shriners, Elks Lodge, PTA, Booster Clubs, or Chamber of Commerce might be willing to cover or assist with the costs. Talk to local businesses and ask about sponsoring your event in return for name recognition. Have student groups conduct fundraisers.

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